Temple Square Interiors CONSOLL Idea Book

Dimensional Letters, Stand-off Mount

Outsert® Modular, Freestanding

Outsert® Modular, Directory

We got our start in 1986 by introducing Dot-Dash® signage, a flexible, easy-to- install product line that brought freshness and sophistication to workstations everywhere. We've been expanding our capabilities ever since. Now, having five product lines to utilize, as well as dimensional letters & logos, we can provide signage to outfit all areas throughout an entire facility. We offer superior value at a competitive price. Our modular designs supply sustainable, eco-friendly maintenance by using replaceable tiles and paper inserts for easy updates. Notably, Outsert® Modular ADA/Tactile embedded tiles are warrantied not to peel, crack, wear or fade for the life of the product! Designing and manufacturing our own signage products enables us to provide custom solutions, tailored to your specific requirements. Our experts will collaborate with you to create a design or quote from provided specifications. From workstations to wayfinding, Appenx architectural signage delivers versatility, longevity and aesthetics in any interior environment. Appenx is conveniently on the GSA Schedule and our products are made in America, using materials sourced within the U.S.A. Contact your office furniture dealer to learn more. When your clients request signage, turn to Appenx for solutions.

XSite™, ADA Regulatory

Outsert® Non-Modular,

Wafinyding, Ceiling Mount

Outsert® Non-Modular, Wayfinding, 90° Wall Mount Dot-Dash® Signwich®, Screen Mount

Made in the USA

Outsert® Modular, Triangular Desk Mount

Drop Lens, Room ID

Outsert® Modular, Wayfinding

CUSTOM CAPABILITIES *Budgetary pricing only. Confirm current pricing and lead times with your local dealer. See page 2.


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